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SocialbookmarkingHave you ever thought about joining an online social networking community? If you love meeting new people, there is a good chance that you have given it some thought. Despite wanting to join, there are many individuals who make the decision not to. Are you one of those individuals? If so, is it because you feel overwhelmed? There are literally an unlimited number social networking websites out there to choose from and many are full of members.

While you would assume that it is nice to join a social networking website with a large number of community members, some individuals, maybe even yourself, feel that it is too much to handle. For instance, did you know that MySpace, a popular social networking website, has over one hundred millions members? If that isn’t overwhelming what is? If you are interested in joining an online networking community, but one that has fewer members, you are encouraged to look for social networking websites that have a particular focus. That focus is often on popular topics, issues, views, and interests.

spcaA social networking website that focuses on one thing in particular is often referred to as a specialty social networking website. This is because, unlike traditional websites, not everyone can become a member. To become a member of a specialty social networking site, you must have an interested in the topic at hand. These websites drastically reduce the number of members. Although you will have less community members to socialize with, you will find that more have the same interests as you do. In that, a small number of internet users, with the same interests as yourself, is better than millions of members that you don’t have anything in common with.

If you are interested in finding a specialty social networking website, you are advised to perform a standard internet search. You will want to search using the words social networking site and whatever else you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a social networking website designed just for animal lovers, you may to combine the words social networking with animal lovers, pet lovers, cats, dogs, and so on. Whether you are searching for social networking websites that focus on a popular hobby, religion, or politics, you are sure to find that you are looking for.

In your search for specialty social networking websites, it is likely that you will come across Facebook or Classmates. Facebook and Classmates are both considered specialty social networking sites because they tend to focus on high school and college students, including those that are attending and those that have already graduated. Both of these websites work to connect you with individuals that you are currently going to school with or those that went to school with, in the past. If you have already graduated, Facebook and Classmates are great when looking to reconnect with old friends or even make new ones.

socialchristianOther popular social networking websites focus on religion. Whether you are Christian or not, there are a large number of social networking websites that have a focus on religion. These websites not only allow you to meet other internet users, but they allow you to meet those that share the same beliefs and views as you do. By using a religious social networking website, such as HolyPal and JesusCrowd, you will not have to spend the time searching for those who are the same religion as you, you will automatically be entering a community where everyone preaches and believes the same things.

As previously mentioned, there are a fairly large number of specialty social networking communities that you can find online. These communities are not just limited to those that are for pet lovers, religious followers, or those looking to reconnect with old classmates, as mentioned above. With the way that social networking websites have increased in popularity, it is safe to say that you should be able to find an online networking community, no matter what your interests are.


Here you can find helpful information and services related to building or creating backlinks for your websitebacklinks

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Where to Get Backlinks to Your Site – Well, no one. except search engines! If you want people to read your page on the web, you need to have plenty of incoming links pointing right at your site. Search engines value the quantity, quality, and relevance of these links.

Backlink – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.

The Art of Link Building For Effective Backlinking | Search Engine Optimization | Rise to the Top Blog – Attracting inbound links to a website has been a concern for marketers and is critical for increasing the overall effectiveness of an SEO Campaign.

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Like any type of marketing, email marketing involves a great deal of time and effort to ensure the marketing campaign is effective. This is important because an ineffective marketing campaign of any type is a waste of money and resources. Spending a great deal of time, energy and money into an email marketing campaign which is not reaching the members of the target audience and is not convincing recipients of the email to make a purchase or visit your website is not worthwhile. This article will discuss how to implement an effective email marketing strategy to ensure your business, financial and personal goals are being met.

One of the most important aspects of marketing effectively with email is to ensure your marketing efforts are reaching the members of your target audience. One way to do this is to ask former customers as well as potential customers to join your email distribution list. This will help to ensure the majority of members on your email distribution list have an actual interest in your products or services. This is important because you are much more likely to generate sales when you are marketing to this type of an audience than you would if you were marketing to a much larger audience without an interest in your products.

contentAnother aspect of marketing effectively is to hire an experienced professional writer to draft the content for your emails, e-newsletters, email courses or any other methods you are using to email your message to potential customers. Having your content written can give you a significant edge over the competition if they are drafting their content themselves. The quality of your content is a reflection on your business and poorly written content with no substance will reflect poorly on your business.

Effective email marketing should also be written in a manner which will appeal to the target audience. If necessary you should conduct market research to determine demographical information for your target audience. This research may also determine preferences the target audience may have for receiving marketing information. This may include the type of language used, the format of the emails, the layout of the emails and even aesthetic appearance of the emails. Paying attention to these details can make the email marketing campaign significantly more effective.

Finally, effective email marketing should not be viewed as spam. This is a difficult situation. In many cases an email marketing campaign will involve distributing mass emails but care should be taken in these endeavors spamto avoid having these emails construed as spam. This is important because many Internet service providers include spam filters which apply algorithms to each email account to determine which messages are spam and which ones are legitimate. Emails which are deemed to be spam may never reach the intended recipients. Emails which may it through the spam filters may also be automatically deleted if the Internet user believes it looks like spam. For this reason care should be taken to ensure all marketing emails provide quality content, advertise only subtly and ideally are only sent to email recipients who have specifically requested information about your products or services. This will give you the best opportunity possible to reach your target audience and have a positive impression on them and hopefully entice them to make a purchase or visit your website.


scotchIt is said that the acquisition of knowledge on any subject that you are interested in only increases your appreciation for it. This can easily be said about the finest of scotches as well.

There seems to be a trend building with aficionados flocking the rolling country sides in Scotland just to sneak a sample of the gold they seek. As one must experience to appreciate, it appears that this is a task for the strong willed in this subject.

One could imagine many trips booked from abroad flocking Scotland’s coastlines in search of the malt that has only been heard of and not been tasted. This is not merely just a trend, to Scotch enthusiast, it is rather a mission. To be experienced in the fine subtleties of these malts and blended scotch whiskies is to many a dream. Some could not even imagine the soft roll that many of these great spirits have to offer to the tongue.

connoisseursSpending time with true connoisseurs of scotch and single malts gives you valuable insight as to what to look for in a full bodied fine scotch. They have made it a life ambition to seek out and test what the worlds finest has to offer. Many of these great spirits of course are not easily obtainable some run very steep in price and are on the wish list of some of the great testers of fine scotch everywhere. Generally they have first dibs, as the company will wait in anticipation for a vote of confidence and endorsement.

So too are the batches that are still maturing that so many people are waiting for with absolute excitement. Given the time it takes for some of these blends to reach an acceptable maturity where it will be appreciated it is only natural that many testers keep close tabs on the process and look for hints of up and coming blends that can be comparable.

scotlandAs many professional testers will state, the best of the best still and most likely will always come from Scotland as they have mastered this art with a precision and dedication second to none. Testers will admit when they have stumbled on a gem from another country but honestly have not found that diamond in the rough all that many times.

So instead they give honest and professional opinions to the public, the benders, and distillers themselves, taking into account how harsh possible poor media coverage can be.


emailmarketingSometimes the benefits of email marketing are quite different than anticipated. Most Internet marketers understand the basic concept of email marketing which is to email promotional materials to a large group of Internet users to promote an interest in your products or services. This concept is easy for many to understand but sometimes there are added benefits to email marketing. This article will discuss the basics of email marketing and will also explain how sometimes email marketing can be much further reaching than planned. This additional reach can be either a positive or a negative depending on the quality of the original emails and the reactions of the original recipients.

Email marketing is a very simple concept which is also extremely cost effective. The general idea behind email marketing is that an email is sent to an email distribution list and these emails are intended to create an interest in the products or services offered by the originator of the email. In theory this concept could not be simpler but email marketing can get significantly more complicated. One of the biggest complicating factors is the potential for the emails used in the marketing campaign to be viewed as spam by either the recipient of the email or the spam filter provided by the Internet service provider. This potential alone creates a major complication because Internet marketers have to make a significant effort to assure their messages are not trapped by a spam filter or immediately deleted by the recipients for appearing to be spam.

windowofopportunityOnce the email messages get through to the recipient, they have a small window of opportunity to make a positive impression on the recipients and influence him to make a purchase or at least visit the business owner’s website. Providing quality content, keeping advertising subtle and at a minimum and providing a clear call to action are all factors which can help to get the message across and entice the potential customer to make a purchase or at least visit the website to research the products and services a little bit more.

As previously stated the goal of an email marketing campaign is to convince the email recipient to either make a purchase or visit the website to obtain more information. When an email recipient performs either one of these actions, it is considered a huge success. However, thanks to the power of the forward button email marketing can actually be much more successful than even the business owner intended.

wordofmouthThe great aspect of email marketing is that when the email recipients receive an email which they think is worthwhile they are likely to make a purchase and may also forward the information onto a friend or family member they think might be interested in this information as well. The ability to forward email messages has become comparable satisfied customers using word of mouth to tout the quality of the products or services they received. However, the ability to forward a worthwhile email message is exponentially more effective than using word of mouth to spread the word. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the original email recipient can forward the message to several of his friends at once. This can result in significantly better results than the business owner had originally intended with no additional effort on behalf of the business owners.


Dilbert MillionMany people get into internet marketing thinking that there is one magical internet marketing tip that will make them a million dollars overnight. Yes, it is possible to make money on line, but it does not happen that quickly.

Making money online takes hard work. Just like in any other business, you must have a plan of action in order to be a successful internet marketer. There isn’t any one magical internet plan of action that you can follow. However, you might want to follow a few of the following suggestions to get you started on your quest of making money online.

Do Your Research

There are many ways to make money online. You can take surveys, write articles, sell affiliate products or sell on EBay. Find out what interests you and do it. During this time, test many options.

This is okay in the very beginning, but don’t get bogged down and try to analyze everything about internet marketing in the very beginning. This will only confuse you and you will never start making money online.

Don’t Believe Everything You See

A lot of the so- called internet marketing gurus are full of fluff. An internet marketing tip from many of them is not worth much at all. Remember, most of the make money online websites are geared towards newbies who are unfamiliar with the internet and how it works. In addition, if some of these types of gurus were given a truth serum, you would find out that many of them aren’t making much money themselves.

Fortunately, there are many credible webmasters. It is your job to find the ones that are reliable. Carefully pick the gurus that you choose as role models. Not every internet marketing tip is a winner.

Don’t Become Overwhelmed

The internet has a lot of information for one person to digest. Web pages have links that can lead to other places of interest. Before you know it, you can drift off topic and land on web pages that are not related to your original searches for information. Don’t let all of this new information overwhelm you. Don’t get sidetracked. Learn how to focus.

Perfect It and Stick With It

Learn as much as you can on about internet marketing, but don’t try to do everything that you learn at one time. This is another internet marketing tip that you should take to heart. There are many different ways of doing things on the internet. Different gurus have different ways of doing many different things.

If you want to follow the system of one particular guru, then follow that system to the letter. Don’t practice those steps and then two weeks later jump to another guru’s system. Figure out how to make that particular system work for you before you go to another one.

Don’t Give Upup

You are not going to find the perfect internet marketing tip. Don’t jump from one internet marketing system to another just because you did not make sales in a short period of time. You must be willing to put in the hard work that is required to make your internet marketing campaign successful. Persistent pays when it comes to internet marketing.

Internet marketing requires persistence, hard work and patience. You won’t become rich in the very beginning, but you have the potential to do so in the very near future. Finding an internet marketing tip or two can help you to find online success.


Why we persist working from home or work for ourselves if we could “just get a job”?

Well, it supposes that there are jobs out there worth it. In this recession, they are becoming less and less, but even if you had one, why would you still have your own business “on the side”?

Here’s an interesting answer … a little philosophical …, but still worth reading:

The power to negotiate a wage only comes with the power to say “no” to the terms offered, and this privilege comes only from the possession of an alternative to wage. And only this property confers. Where employees have their own property and can make their own way in the world, is a wage contract that they accept probably a fair one, one that rewards free their productivity. But in the absence of a real alternative, there is no real negotiations; You cannot negotiate if you can’t say “no”.

You can read the article here

Note the history lesson from the 16th century England there too:

We know that in the 16th century in England, before capitalism came to dominate social relationships, a common worker and his family by 15 weeks of work, and a skilled worker can deliver by 10. The latter, a century after the conclusion of the commons and the seizure of the monasteries, which directly England in a capitalist country, transformed those songs was 40 weeks and 32 weeks, respectively.


What is the difference?

Others possess the fruit of our labor no matter how much they moan that we are not productive enough for them!

That’s why the path to freedom or property … acquire implies that, for us, skills, tools, software, knowledge, livestock or “natural property” i.e. means the country and the management of the product of our labors.

What will you do today to be free?


americansoldierThroughout the decades of America’s history, those brave young men and women who have served valiantly in America’s armed forces have proven time and time again to be the most courageous military of all time. The kind of valor that these amazing young people have demonstrated in battlefields all across the globe is truly inspiring.

One of the reasons that America is the great country it is comes from the fact that she also has one of the most powerful and dependable armies on the planet. Those armies, which includes the US Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, the Navy, the Air Force, the Coast Guard and the National Guard, continue to show a spirit of service and a willingness to go into battles that are tremendously difficult and dangerous in the name of honor and to serve the country they love.

In World War II, our brave military was willing to attack in the face of overwhelming odds and a powerful enemy knowing that the stakes were high. And yet they went on the offense in the amazing battles such as D-Day because they knew that if they were going to stop such enemies as Nazi Germany, it was up to them to go in there, gun in hand and put a stop to a great evil. Tens of thousands of America’s finest lost their lives to put tyranny to an end. And we are all eternally grateful for the sacrifice they made to assure that the country they love will continue to live in freedom and that tyranny will never prevail.

we the peopleEven in the difficult military situations such as Korea and Vietnam, America saw her youth serve with valor and courage against a confusing and ruthless enemy. And even as they saw those wars become unpopular and as they faced distain when they returned from battle, often with injuries that would limit their lives forever, those soldiers gave all they had to stop an enemy determined to impose tyranny on their neighbors by force.

Even today as our military fights a long and difficult battle on foreign shores, our courageous soldiers show the commitment to their values as Americans and the same determined obedience to their good commanders to stop a sly and deadly enemy determined to stop freedom before it can get a chance to grow. And however today’s wars turn out, whether they achieve their goals or not, one thing is for sure. The American soldier will be there, doing whatever is needed to protect America and serve her interests. And when America calls, our courageous soldiers will be there to respond, as they always have in the past and they always will in the future.

arlingtonIf you ever get a chance to visit Washington D.C. and tour the Arlington cemetery, you will be deeply inspired as you walk those grave sites and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice our courageous soldiers were willing to give so that you and I could live in safety and freedom. To sit in quiet reverence as the honor guard gives respect at the tomb of the unknown solider gives one much to reflect upon about the heart of the humble soldier willing to give it all, with no reward except to know they are serving the country they love. The unknown soldier never became a hero to his family and loved ones and this is a silent tribute to the military men and women who do not serve for metals or thank yous or fame. They serve out of honor and the values that reside in them because they are Americans.


mechanicsIn summary, let’s review what the basic mechanics of an offlinemarketing “system” really are:

1. YOU. Your pleasing personality, and dedication to adding value and serving your market. Nothing else can replace your dedication to your market and your attitude and mindset. That is the rock of it all.

2. PEOPLE. The more you study the people in your niche, the more you will understand and make a list of their main problems, doubts and fears. You can then frame your products as solutions to their problems.

3. SPINE. You are the only one that can decide to engage the PEOPLE.
Nobody can make you go to your market and start having simple conversations with people. You have to lead yourself first in order to be able to lead others to you and to have others choose to follow you.

4. VISA! You have to be EVERYWHERE your market needs you to be. The slogan of the credit card giant, Visa: “Everywhere you need to be.” ou have to break off pieces of your value message and spread it in your arket place in the form of business cards, post cards, magnets, door angers, booklets, flyers, brochures, classified ads, 800# recorded messages, conference calls, recorded audios etc.

5. SERVE. In my first sales gig, life insurance, I used the “initialconsultation” or the “Free Financial Check Up” as a way to SERVE my customer without obligation, commitment or risk. I assumed all the risk. I also multiplied my intention and my service by inserting it on free reports, booklets and audios that I used to share as gifts. This gave me the opportunity to ask questions and learn important information about my prospects and THEIR motivation to make changes in their lives.

6. LEVERAGE EXPERTS + Systems. I then used the experience and talents of other, more experienced professional to do a lot of the heavy lifting for me in analyzing the information and creating a specific message for my client.

7. COLLECTING DECISIONS. I then simply had another simple conversation with my client where I review everything THEY HAD TOLD ME that they wanted to do and why. My solution was then presented as the vehicle they can use to solve their problem in a way that was fair and mutually beneficial – in a way that served their purpose. And I simple asked them to do me a favor and give me a decision. At times, I simply asked them to continue to the next step…

This Mechanism of Marketing is Effective in ALL Sales Niches and is a Universal Formula That Most Sales Professionals Use. I used the same basic formula when I went on to sell real estate with my wife and it’s basically the same formula I used when I started and built my home based business in the world of network marketing.

BusnessplanIt is still the basic formula I use today in the Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing arena where the only main difference is that when you use the online world to help inject leverage into your business, you are now free to move around the world serving and sharing concepts with people and generating sales in a mobile and global way.

In the rest of this course we’ll dive into the specific components and strategies that you can apply to market your own home business in the offline world with leverage.

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